A Landgipps Development

A Landgipps development

When is the right time to move to senior living?

Only you can make the decision about making the move to senior living.

It is one of life’s major decisions, so it is important to research your options, as there is a lot of variety in the expenses, deferred management fees and other charges for each development.

It’s a good idea to talk to a legal professional, financial planner or your accountant. If you need assistance with this we can recommend local firms who can guide you through the process and answer all your questions.

Mitchell Views allows you to own your own freehold property, designed specifically for senior living. This model ensures that you do not pay any deferred management fees (DMF).

Who can purchase at Mitchell Views?

Just like any normal real estate transaction, anyone can purchase at Mitchell Views. Ownership of the townhouse may be your own. Relatives or investors may purchase the townhouse for you, or an investor may purchase a townhouse and rent it to occupiers who are looking to enjoy the Mitchell Views' lifestyle.

How much do the units cost?

Mitchell Views will have a variety of two or three bedroom homes estimated to be priced upwards from $230,000, depending on the site you choose. Our display home provides the opportunity for you to see, feel and understand the quality on offer.

What are the first steps if we want to purchase a townhouse?

You should register your interest by contacting Danny on 0427 030 885, here you will be shown further information and plans for Mitchell Views and can also arrange a time to visit our display home. If you would like to go a step further, you can reserve the allotment of your choice ‘off the plan’ via a fully refundable $500 holding deposit.

I’ve heard about DMF (Deferred Management Fee) – does that apply?

No. There are no deferred management fees (DMF) at Mitchell Views because you have purchased your home outright.

Will I/we own our home?

Mitchell Views differs from senior developments in that you purchase your home outright. Many similar developments offer only a ‘right to occupy’ or a leasehold arrangement which involve deferred management fees (DMF) sometime in the future. We encourage you to investigate the differences when you are looking at options for your retirement lifestyle.

Are the townhouses furnished?

Your new home is sold to you unfurnished, however assistance with colour choices and décor will be available on request. Purchasing your home at Mitchell Views is very like buying your current home.

You will no doubt prefer to bring your own furniture to add your own sense of style to your home.

Can I secure a bank loan to purchase a townhouse in the community?

Yes, depending on your financial position. It is no different to buying a regular home as you will own the title to secure a bank loan.

Am I responsible for the maintenance and repair of my appliances?

Yes. Just as you would be responsible for these items in your current home, you are responsible for them in your home at Mitchell Views. As you are purchasing a new home a standard manufacturer’s warranty applies.

Do I need to sell my home first?

Not necessarily, particularly if your financial structure allows it. Alternatively, if you need to sell your home to move to Mitchell Views, your contract can be signed subject to the sale of your home.

If you do not sell your home within an agreed timeframe then you could then terminate your contract with Mitchell Views with a full refund of the deposit paid.

Can we make alterations to our home?

You can make alterations to your home, subject to any necessary approval from the local council.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we welcome small pets. We will have a few rules about keeping control of your pet to protect the safety and comfort of other residents and the local wildlife.

Am I able to have family and friends come and visit and stay with me?

Yes, of course. You are able to entertain family and friends, just as you would in your present home.

Can I store a boat/caravan?

There is no storage on site.

Can we have our own garden?

Yes. Each home has its own garden and it is yours to develop and maintain as you desire! If you require assistance, we can put you in contact with local people to help you plan and maintain your garden.

Do we need household insurance?

You should insure your personal contents and building as you do in your current home.

What happens to our home if we decide to leave? How is the resale price calculated and are there any restrictions on who can buy?

As the freehold is owned by you, you can sell privately or through your chosen real estate agent at any time. The price would be determined by the market at the time, just as your current home price is.

Who is responsible for the sale of my home?

You own the freehold so you would be responsible for selling your home. You can arrange the sale privately, or through a regular real estate agent.

Can I pass my home on to a family member?

Yes. Your title lets you transfer the title to whoever you wish.

Other Questions?

Undoubtedly there may be questions about Mitchell Views that we have not covered in this brief summary. If you have any questions or would like to discuss or clarify any aspect about Mitchell Views, please do not hesitate to contact Danny on 0427 030 885 or John Kerr Real Estate in Moe (03) 5127 7133.

You can also follow us on Facebook or contact us via Facebook messenger.

How far away is the township of Moe?

Mitchell Views is located within the newly established spacious and stylish living of the Mitchell Grove residential precinct, a short 1.8km drive from the town centre.